When your girlfriend introduces her male friend as ‘big head’ be very watchful, you might just lose your girlfriend in no time. Most time ladies do have male friends they call bestie, my love, and even baby, but when they call anyone big head, that is a sign that they have or they will soon have something to do with that person so be mindful and watchful when your girlfriend make new friends or start spending time on phone with another guy in the name of bestie, big head, etc. A life case of Ayomide which happened recently should give us some head up.

Ayomide so loves his girlfriend that he always talks about her, how he can’t do with her and blah blah. Jennifer, the girlfriend to Ayomide do have many male friends even before they got dating and it was just normal for Ayomide to see his girlfriend in the midst of guys since she is studying Architecture and most of the coursemate she had are guys.  

According to Jennifer, she has the guys she does call bestie, honey, my love, my boyfriend just for the fun of it and whenever they come visiting or get to meet Ayomide, Jennifer will always introduce them with those names.

On the 5th of May 2019, three friends of Jennifer came around hoping Ayomide wasn’t around but to their surprise, Ayomide didn’t go for the interview he was supposed to go for and decided to stay back. Jennifer welcomed them warmly and began to introduce them to Ayomide “Baby meet Gogo my Arch boyfriend’’ she said, they had a handshake and when it came to the turn of the third person she brought out a furious smile and said, “Baby meet this big head Bikene”. Ayomide noticed the way Bikene was introduced and was curious to know who Bikene was, but in an attempt to wave the question off she keeps saying this big head is an annoying fellow just let him be.

Later in the evening, Ayomide decided to see a couple of friends and during their discussion, he told them about the ‘big head’ guy, one of his friends quickly frown at it telling him that his girlfriend has something intimate to do with the guy but due to the fact that Ayomide loves his girlfriends so much, he refuses to let himself disturb about it.

Just a week later, Ayomide went out and there he got a call from his friend to get some papers from home, so he quickly rushes back to the house to get the papers but on getting to the house, it was lugubrious  to see his girlfriend Jennifer with the so-called big head Bikene making out in the room and they had no atom of remorse.

Today, our so loving/caring Ayomide is heartbroken and depressed and Jennifer is living happily with the so-called big head Bikene. This is definitely not a twist of fate, it was a planned game from the onset.

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