This is a huge question for a lady or a gentleman. However, a gentleman is usually expected to carry the burden of making huge decisions such as this, I mean as a gentleman who has been friends with that beautiful lady for many years, you will not be expecting her to pop up the question of making it “official.”

Who makes the first move isn’t our headache now, but rather when is the right time to convert that innocent friendship to dating? We will be looking at this question from two critical angles.

Main Objective of That Friendship Is Dating

Let’s be honest with ourselves, most times the only reason you became friends with that beautiful lady or handsome gentleman is so that you can date him/her. From this angle, you already have a plan to date her one day, but you probably do not want to start dating a total stranger. Then you get closer to her as an unharmed innocent gentleman true friendship. Before you pop the question of dating up, you have to be very close to her.

When you become very close to her, you need to start showing her love even when you are just friends. What do I mean by showing her love? You as the man, give her the greenlights and study how she receives it, study how she feels about the prospect of dating. Once she gives you the greenlight too, then you can ask her out. Trust me, gentleman some ladies are hard nuts to crack. The way I explained things now seems like a fairy tale movie where everything is smooth. What if she doesn’t give you the greenlight? One thing I know about ladies is that as long as you haven’t asked her “the big question”, they still see you as their unharmed innocent friend.

If she has feelings for you, she won’t be able to bottle everything up. In fact, she will do things for you that ordinarily she won’t do for other men. This does not necessarily mean that she wants you, remember some ladies are hard nuts to crack. When is now the right time to convert that innocent friendship to dating in this situation? You have to be very sure, you have to show her that you are down for her, you have to make her fall for you during that friendship. Since your main objective is dating her anyway, once she has fallen for you and you are very sure she is down for you. Then you can convert that friendship to dating. You have to understand, that you have been friends with her or that she has fallen for you does not make that conversion an easy template. When she says “NO” even when everything is sure, what do I do? All I can say about this is “don’t give up,” our ladies love to play hard to get, give her that privilege and keep your eyes on the goal “dating her.”

True Innocent Friendship Without Intention for Dating

There are many cases of a lady and a gentleman being just friends without any intention to date at all, but one thing lead to another. To cut the long story short, feelings start developing either for both parties or just one of them. Do not be afraid, having feelings for your friend is not a crime. The problem now is when is the right to convert that innocent friendship to dating, there are no two ways about it, you have to ensure the other person feels the same way about you and that there is at least a 50% chance that she will go out with you.

Despite the 50% chance and assurance, you have to be gentle with her and delicately handle the situation. Don’t rush things, patiently wait and make your move.

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