What really are the things men and women want in a relationship? Why are there cases of infidelity all over the nation? Who is the cause and how can it be resolved?

Every blessed day, the issue of infidelity among men is always talked about by women but those this really mean that only men are promiscuous? Is it that the women are all faithful or it’s just this part of the world?

Infidelity is now a prominent topic in recent marriages. Different questions are been asked like:

Who is the cause?

What can be done?

How can it be done?

Most times, we identify the problem and give the solutions but do not provide the step by step procedures/approach to achieving these solutions.

Taking the issues of infidelity from the angle of risk management discipline, it can be classified as a risk and in order to mitigate and eliminate such risk, the nest approach is to apply the risk management strategy.

  • Identify the risk (Infidelity)
  • Measure the rate of the catastrophe caused by infidelity
  • Examine the solution(s)
  • Implement the solution(s)
  • Monitor results

In order to effectively carry out these steps, you need your marriage counsellor by your side. Yes, I said counsellor. Most persons feel they don’t really need a counsellor but allow me to burst your bubbles, having a counsellor is very important to helping you make the right decision at any point in time. In this part of the world, we always don’t want another to interfere with our lives and that is where we are all getting it wrong. The way you have your family medical doctor who knows about the medical history of each family member, that’s the way you should also have a counsellor.

Talk to a counsellor, work on the steps together and you will be happy you did.

Most men want respect, love and attention in a way which is totally different from the way the women also want these respect, love and attention. The ability of the man or woman to watch closely his/her spouse in understanding how he/she wants to be treated makes him/her the king/queen.

Your comments are highly welcomed as these comments help in saving the life of someone. Let’s keep saving lives wherever we find ourselves.

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