We spend so much time with our colleague at the office and it’s natural to crush on your colleague. Since crushing on your colleague is natural, wooing your female colleague is definitely not a crime at all.

It’s unprofessional, don’t ever fall for your colleague at work, you will even hear some ladies vehemently preaching against the idea of the office romance. Aside from ladies saying no to their sexy male colleague, most companies don’t allow dating between co-workers.

Since you have a crush at the office already, stop listening to boring lectures from other colleagues about how unprofessional or wrong it is to date your colleague. Now that we both agree that it’s okay to woo your colleague at the office, our bone of contention now is how do you woo that beautiful female colleague at the office without crossing boundaries? Below are some tips to successfully woo your female colleague without crossing boundaries.

              Give Her Special Friendly Treatment

You have to be friendly with almost everyone in your office right? For you to successfully woo her in the future, you need to give her attention at the office (special treatment). Smile at her often, be kind to her, make jokes with her about meetings, give her helping hand if she needs assistance to get things done, this does not mean you should become her personal assistant. All these special treatments are just ways to hint her that you are interested in her. Don’t get too relax while doing all this and forget that it’s a professional environment.

             Keep Your Crush On Her Secret

To successfully woo your female colleague at the office without crossing boundaries, you have to keep things as low-key as possible. Even if no boundaries or factors are hindering you two from dating, still keep your crush on her a top-secret if you want any chance with her.

No matter what happens, don’t tell anyone at the office, even if you are at the edge of losing your job and the only way to safe your job is you revealing your secret by telling your co-worker about your secret crush on another colleague. I strongly say “Don’t talk,” keep your crush a massive secret.

              Tailor Your Closet

It’s just so sad, that this love story is happening in a professional environment where crop tops and torn jeans are not allowed. However, you can still wear a suit and tie and look sexy, always wear shirts and trousers that are well-ironed and fits you perfectly. The essence of my long story is, maintain good looks to the office.

            Send Her Funny and Flirty Mail

You can send her funny and flirty emails/text during working hours. For instance, you both get to work, instead of going to shower her with compliments physically, you can do so virtually by sending her a funny and flirty mail. For example, hey Flora you almost look beautiful today or hey Flora you would have looked pretty if today wasn’t Tuesday. Those examples are simple flirtations that are also funny. Your ability to do all this is dependent on the bond you already created between you and her.

             Ask Her to Go Out with You

Now trust me, she is already aware you have a thing for her and even if she doesn’t, it will be difficult for her to tell you no when you ask her out at this point. You have to do this in a very simple way, don’t complicate things. After a very rough day at the office, preferably Friday, you can just walk up to her. “Hey Flora, want to grab a bite at any restaurant near-by?”.  It’s been a rough day! You dramatically lament after asking her out. Trust me she will say yes, after she agrees to your proposal everything is now up to you my man.

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