After the first few months of a whirlwind of love and romance, you will realize that keeping your relationship healthy requires loads of effort. After successfully answering those critical questions and considering different factors concerning your relationship. Your job is not done yet, you must find ways to maintain and sustain that happiness in your relationship.

What does a healthy dating relationship really mean? I would love to define my own healthy dating relationship from the aspect of a healthy life. Now, healthy life is a life void of sickness, sadness or sorrow, the list could go on and on, but I am sure you get what am saying already. These indicate that healthy dating relationship is a relationship that is free from boredom, trust issues, lack of good communication, and lack of flirting.

Here are two critical healthy dating relationship tips that will keep your relationship going, keep your relationship alive, maintain and sustain your relationship for a long time.


Either we like it or not, flirting is essential in every relationship, I mean it’s essential in a healthy dating relationship. There is no problem with flirting in a dating relationship, I mean young lady or gentleman why did you both agree to start dating in the first place if you are not going to flirt? Okay, you want to be doing bible study and prayer meeting. It’s very essential you flirt with your partner more than any other person.  

In my study, I figured that there are loads of misconceptions about flirting while in a dating relationship. People’s belief is that flirting is all about sex, this is a very wrong mindset. Flirting includes lots of stuff you can both do to each other to keep your relationship healthy. These are simple and amazing things that will keep your dating relationship healthy, things like kissing, hugging, cuddling, constantly showering each other with compliments, holding of hands, constantly making eyes contact and lots of other simple and very important things we overlook in a relationship. You shouldn’t flirt only when you are trying to get that lady to go into a relationship with you or when you are trying to get her into your bed. You should flirt with your partner while in a dating relationship to keep your relationship healthy. The fact is when your partner is not flirting with you, they are flirting with someone else and that is not good for the health of your relationship.


Communication is another important aspect of a healthy dating relationship. Communication requires understanding, it’s not just calling, texting or chatting alone. It is also talking with each other about your problems, goals and plans. Honestly, communication can constitute a huge problem in a relationship if it is not well managed and if it is not sufficient. For a healthy dating relationship, none of the partners should ever be too busy for each other, you both have to be there for each other all the time and the ladies shouldn’t leave everything to the guy alone and vice versa.

Time should never come where either the lady or the gentleman is too busy. I would love to ask a question “can communication be too much in a relationship?” Well, my belief is that communication can never be too much in a healthy dating relationship, you should always be excited about the prospect of talking with your partner.


Flirting is essential in a healthy dating relationship because if you are not flirting with your partner, then who are you flirting with?

Communication can never be too much in a healthy dating relationship, but communication can be well managed to suit and make both partners happy and comfortable with each other.

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