The waiting period needs a clear and concise definition, the waiting period for a guy after asking a girl out is simply defined as that short time given to the girl to think, evaluate things and make her decision.

You will notice that in my definition I said “short time,” the first thing you must know is that this waiting period should not be too long. Regardless of your hopes and how you see the girl, don’t wait too long for a girl, I am speaking to you from my personal experience. Now that you know you shouldn’t wait too long after asking a girl to date you and she asks you to give her some time to think about it, what should you be doing during this waiting period? I’ll be honest with you, this period is not all about what you should do, there are things you shouldn’t do also.

Be The Same Person You Were Before Asking Her Out

I don’t know how to hit the hammer on the nail for this point, but I will try my best. Now, this is the most critical thing to do after asking a girl out, perhaps the most important step for you. Do not change after asking her out, do not change towards her and do not change your personality. I understand that it is very difficult to remain the same person to her, after catching feelings and declaring your feelings for her. You must try all your possible best to maintain balance, I am sure, you are going to be her cool friend before asking her out, remain just that cool friend, do not change and become something else.

Why you shouldn’t change towards her;

This is where most guys get it wrong, you should know now, that changing your personality or position in her life before she decides could be a turn off for her and it could even spook her. Maintain the balance, don’t try to be Mr Perfect, because you have asked her out, just be you.

Keep Exploring

Yes, I know this might sound awkward, but you just have to keep exploring, not because you are a bad guy or for the fun of it, but for your sanity, mental and emotional well-being you have to keep exploring. One thing you do not want to do is get stuck with a girl emotionally, that world is a world you want to avoid, it’s a world no man should ever live in. Since her answer is “give me time to think about it”, you shouldn’t join her to be thinking about it too, you have done your part, it takes courage to declare feelings for a lady and you have enough courage to do that already.

You need to keep exploring/keep flirting as this will keep you in a stable condition mentally and emotionally, you are not certain how she feels about you and you are not sure if she will say yes or no, you don’t even know the number of guys that asked her out at the same time you asked her out, you don’t know the number of guys she has put in the same position she is putting you too. There are so many reasons you should keep exploring, so bro, please keep exploring don’t get stuck while waiting for her, no matter how short the period may be. If there is any complication or another girl says yes before her decision and she also decides to say yes, now that is a position you want to be in. Once you get here, you can decide on what you really want and choose wisely.


I know you were expecting me to tell you things like shower her with gifts, be caring, give her all the time and attention. All these things are simply crap, do not fall into a trap, be a man. Ladies love it when you are a man. The two-point above are proven and factual things to do after asking her out. Just try it out, it works like magic.

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