What not to do when you finally get the man of your dreams.

So many girls/ladies get it wrong on how to keep their man glued to them, after successfully getting the man of your dreams, you ignorantly let him slip off your hands to the hands of another lady and then you come saying ‘‘all men are the same”. Here is a list of don’ts you have to keep to if you want your man to not to check the other girl next door or at work.

  1. Tying Cloth/Wrapper

Let me remind you that the nice undies you usually put on whenever you visit him are one of the things that turn him on and made him devoted to you in order to be seeing a lot of it when you are now married or cohabiting, but most ladies eventually forget that and start using cloth to wrap themselves making them look like an old woman and less attractive.

  1. Cutting off your hair

So when you were single and desperately searching, you always make your hair almost every two weeks, today is Rhianna style, next week is Bob-Marley, the other week is Brazilian weavon and then all of a sudden you are now with this fine Bobo and you can’t make your hair again. It is so disturbing, and you needed space to think so the only thing you could think of doing is to get a low-cut. Well, it looks good on you, but when he starts meeting other ladies, coming back late, travelling for business, please do not complain.

  1. Not wearing or dressing classic

Again, just because you are cohabiting now or you are married to him doesn’t mean you should not spend your money on classic clothes and wears even if he doesn’t give you money for them sometimes. There is no one in this world that doesn’t like good things, Warri people will say “Na money yab man”. Try and much as possible to make use of your economizing skills and get one or two classic clothes and you will see your man will appreciate you the more.

  1. Raising your voice at your man

No matter how broke you man is, never raise your voice at him. Try as much as possible to let him see things from your point of view and not by shouting at him. This is Africa, and it is often considered as a very wrong act. There is no way you will talk politely at your man, and he will shout back at you, even if he does, he will surely apologize in a way. Remember that men always love to dominate.

  1. Try as much as possible to protect your figure 8

Most ladies stop going to the gym and start eating and getting fat after meeting mister right. The fact is that Mr. Right was interested in you because of your sexy looking figure 8 body, so as soon you start getting fat and out of shape, know you are the cost of your problem.

If you ladies apply these secrets, you will soon begin to see a positive result from your man.

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