The Dilemma of Stephanie.

Here is our friend Stephanie who needs our help to figure out the best discussion to take currently in her relationship. Below is her message to Gist with Garule.

Hi, my name is Stephanie. I’m currently a final year student at the University of Lagos, and my boyfriend’s name is Michael, and he just graduated from the University of Lagos as well.

Let me start from the beginning.

I just gained admission into UNILAG; I was very much excited. Finally, I was going to have my freedom and do my things without my parents or nosy area people disturbances, thank God! When resumption date came out, guess who hurried to school immediately it was resumption? Yes, I did with all my belongings, school wasn’t as I had planned it to be in my head, everyone was busy and no one had my time except for the campus fellowship which was helpful to me, after a few weeks of studying the school and environment, I had told myself no campus boy for me, it’s a no-no, I was going to focus on my studies and graduate, and that was all.

Everything seemed to be going well until I met Michael I mean you know how they say love at first sight only happened in movies, they were wrong because when I saw Michael that was it for me, I literally couldn’t move, and it was on our fresher’s party, he seemed to look my way, so I tried to act normal and put on a serious face, I was praying he noticed me but he didn’t, not until three (3) weeks later on the field my class was supposed to play against 200level girls, when my class was winning, I was so happy I didn’t even care who was looking at me, after the game, he came up to me and yes, I was freaking out, so we talked for a while, went on few dates and Michael became my boyfriend, if you have ever been in a relationship on campus or a student on campus you should know how things are, started reading together, attending school events together, soon, I was spending nights at his place, my friends started calling me Michael’s girl, there was so much emotion involved, I couldn’t think of anything else.

Fast forward to 300 level, at this point, I had the most unbelievable events, Michael changed, said I was too clingy, wanted his space, all the late night calls reduced and the naughty text messages, what was going on? I couldn’t place it until the campus gossips helped me figure it out. I was told that Michael was hitting on a girl, new girl, a fresher, I was shocked to my marrow, I confronted Michael and asked him if the new girl was what he wanted and not me, he ignored me completely and then he texted me one night that we needed a break, needed to slow things down, I was pissed, but I let him go because somehow I knew he was going to come back and he apologized, and everything is going smoothly.

Michael is now a graduate, and I am in my finals, my dilemma now is;

Should I continue this relationship?

Should I put my all and wait for Michael, what if he finds another new girl during NYSC or place of work?

The hype about campus dating is it worth it?

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