The day a lady gets married is assumed to be the happiest day of her life. To some, this is true, and to others, this is cruel. I thought about this and I realized that the day I get married to my significant other will be the happiest day of my life. I don’t intend to marry a good lady that can be a good wife, but rather I’d marry a good friend who will forever remain a true friend.

God bless the friend I can play with, spend my time with, tell dry jokes to and share a meal with. I bless that friend I can be my worst with; because that is the height of sincerity. If Santa Claus exists, I’d guarantee that he is not happy and nice all the time; especially when it’s not Christmas.

There should be a room for anger, a room for doubt, a room for distrust, a room for sadness and pain. If one has not had a taste of these feelings then one’s friendship is sailing in a sinking ship.

Your friend doesn’t have to be your contemporary in age, pedigree or intellect. Your friend has to discover at some point that they have little or no reason why they must be with you; except for the joy you share. A friend is that one that makes you smile even when you are alone; the one who sends your pains and worries on a flight to the Bermuda triangle. A friend is not there all the time but is there in the nick of time.

It is true I am getting married. Getting married to the one and only person I can’t dispense. The one who has no choice but to love me. The one who will rather die than live without me. The one who starves when I don’t eat; who chokes when I can’t breathe, and stay up when I can’t sleep. I choose to marry that one today, Saturday, 18th August 2018. MYSELF.

Yes! I Wed Myself today.

Every human needs love, and we expect it from a significant other or anyone else who sees us better than we do. But you can only appreciate that love and live a happy life when you love yourself.

And so I wish Myself and I, a happy married life.

Alakpa Anthony Jnr.

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