A story of love and hurt.

Dear Linda

Beauty, as it is said, lies in the eyes of the beholder. That I believe, is for the outward look. What about the beauty on the inside? Some scientist may have started work on how to sense it, behold it, but I’m yet to see a template or manual as to how this works. If that is the case, for how long do we wait for this miracle of discovery to come to pass in our days? I guess long enough.

It seems there should be a way around this I thought. Maybe we take it spiritually (lol), my pastor always told me that everything in life is spiritual. As I take on this escapade of research (perhaps, it is going to be a herculean task, who knows) to find the answer to this big question “How do you decipher or sense inner beauty in a human being at first sight?”, ride along with me in the roller-coaster of this piece.

After much search with years gone by, experience gained, I came to this conclusion that “The deep will always call unto the deep” meaning to say that your spirit will just agree with the person and with time, a continual heart-to-heart talk will reveal this wonderful mystery of the beauty within. This beauty within is one characterized with love, compassion, strength, positivity, wisdom, purpose-driven life, agility, faith, hope, patience, vision, humility, and fear of God.

Enough of the stories and preamble. Straight to the heart of the matter. The first day I set my eyes on you, I couldn’t look away, not because of love at first sight (I don’t believe in that) but the excellent spirit, bright light and virtues that kept on beckoning on me to have a chat. I immediately saw a gold mine, an abode of treasures, an embodiment of virtues, gems and sweet savoured character not visible to an ordinary eye but could only have been Spirit revealed. I reserve to myself to have a scrutiny of who I saw if such a person could still be found so easily as I did. You were in distress of how everyone got settled and you weren’t yet, this made you sulky for the next two days which I always checked on you to know how far till you got settled with a place of assignment in the last days of the week after orientation camp.

Upon your arrival from your village (about 4hours to Aba town) to Katsina state, after the usual break upon completion of the orientation week, there were series of events that came up in our community and we connected once again, exchanged contact on one occasion like that to give calls checking on one another. As time passed by, trust was built, affection was nurtured from smoke to flame to fire. We became best of friends that people around respected, loved, got jealous about, maybe because they found it almost impossible to believe that two different tribal folks be so close to one another without fault seeking, no heated argument, no tribal assault as each one speaks in tongues when on a call with a close family member (lol) and so on (I am not a tribal bigot anyway, I respect people irrespective of tribe, religion, race as a personal principle because I believe in our collective humanity, I appreciate individuals far above their race, ethnicity, religion, belief, etc).

Everything with you was real, through the times you were sick, you were dejected (due to the loss of a family friend), through hectic work schedules, through non-payment of allowances, through bye-election, through rural rugged, through our Corpers fellowship and its programs, through HSE course, the erratic Igbo courses I took at Linda Igbo Language Centre (LILC) and so many others too numerous to recount, you reciprocated too, you stayed by me in all too, through the thick and the thin.

Just like the visible hand that wrote the biblical “mene mene teke parsin”, I saw your outstretch arm of love towards me, that I couldn’t deny. This confirms the inner beauty I saw in you from day one our eyes locked to one another. All those qualities I mentioned earlier just played out and you passed the test of time because you exhibited all and had one major exceptional quality people in my generation lack, PATIENCE. My love and respect for you as a person exponentially increased (this I still do till date, I mean even till now).

From life lessons I’ve learnt, I got to discover that ladies are moved and tend to be encouraged when they’re appreciated for who they are, for how well they dress, for how hard they’ve worked for success, etc. That is why I don’t hesitate to appreciate you for these things because I am always happy to see you smile, look gorgeous, full of life, hale and hearty, that’s when you’re free to air your mind and fully express yourself – that was how your unique name “Inumidun” was born. I appreciate every moment with you, “walahi!” even the time I scolded you for some terrible decisions and bad choices you made, ungraceful words you speak, you still learnt, repented and made amendments.

I have more to say and recount with and about you in the last 2 years we met but not to make you sad about the things that happened recently between you and me, I’d like to depress my brake pedal to conclude at this point.

Inside-out, you just met my requirements for a life partner to spend the rest of my life with, a decision I know I would never regret if I took. However, the Father of light, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, who knows all came to me in a way extra-ordinary to warn me of playing emotional games with you because you’re reserved for a general in His kingdom whose anointing is greater to shake the world than mine. I prayed and fasted a lot of times to be sure I heard rightly, it remained the same even after mountain seeking prayers when we were done with service year. That’s why I advise you to be prayerful always, to embrace your music ministry and purpose early. Remember one of my favourite quotes to you “The earlier you embrace it, the better”. Fear of the Lord which is wisdom in obedience to His written and spoken word gripped my heart and I’ll let God have His way in you through me.

In conclusion, my dear friend Linda, don’t let it cross your mind a bit, a second, the doubt of God’s love for you. He loves you too much (Just like the popular song of that gospel artist – You love me too much) to warn me severally about me treating you with care and not playing with your emotions, I never wanted to hurt you, (that’s why I didn’t even ask you out in the first place to avoid breaking of heart…) believe me dear. He has a grand plan for you, He alone can only reveal all of it you personally, that’s why you must take all your heart to seek Him. He wants to reward you for your faithfulness and zeal for Him in times past but if you’re far away, the devil might snatch it from you.

It took me the sacrifice to put these words together, but I’ll do anything for you to ensure you align with God’s will for you. I am sorry once again it took me this long, I wanted it to be a hearty conversation between you and me, face to face. I love you, I respect your person and the virtues you carry, and that is EGBIN, your inner beauty.

Sincerely from my heart,

Adekunle Ajims Robertson.

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