Mostly, people seek advise to begin a relationship, thrive in a relationship, how to maintain a relationship, how to recover from a bad or traumatic relationship and host of other things that doesn’t involve choosing to stay single. Surprisingly different from the conversation about relationship, there are people who deliberately choose to remain single, they are those who just completely avoid relationships or they are too uncomfortable to express their feelings.

Without a doubt, we must all know that people don’t just choose to remain single over nothing. One thing we must know is that everyone is a combination of different past experience that could cause them to remain single either suffering from a traumatic past relationship, it could even be as a result of dysfunctional family situation. Aside from past experience, some people just choose to be alone, avoidant of partnered relationship and some just have problems connecting with other sex. I will provide three critical reasons why people choose to remain single;

1. Traumatic Experiences

Most people who choose to remain single, have been in a romantic/partnered relationship at one point in time, unless that person is underage. These are people who were emotionally engaged, then bad things happened. These experiences may have occurred at any point of their life, it could have been as a child, adolescent, adult or sometimes throughout their life. They may experience abuse either physical, emotional or sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape and growing up in a dysfunctional family setting.
Sometimes, traumatic experience could result from a shock of bad event, like something bad happening to a loved one, it could even occur from an accident. All these experiences give such people strong and valid reason to remain single and the power those trauma holds over such people makes it difficult to open up to prospective partners and makes them eliminate the possibility of going into a relationship.

2. Pursuit of Educational or Professional Advancement

I will be honest and straight forward as much as I can here, pursuing your education or your professional advancement is a very valid reason to remain single sometimes. Some people just have that determination that until they reach certain level in their education or career before they can consider or even think about relationship. These type of people are usually very determined, they don’t let their guards down at all and they even find new ways to ensure they keep their guards up such as avoiding all emotional connections, getting too close to opposite sex, behaving bad to prospects at that particular point in time. These types of people have catch feelings too, not that they don’t have a heart, but they are just too committed to their education and professional advancement.

3. Financial Duress

Money matters, we don’t need to pretend here, finances remain one of the critical reasons why people remain single. One misconception I would love to eliminate in this aspect is that only men have financial duress for relationship. Believe me, ladies do too, some ladies choose to remain single due to financial duress. For some people, financial duress, it could be that they are not financially okay yet therefore maintaining a relationship could be difficult. Another financial duress could be that the money is too much, sounds funny, right? But the financial duress for some people is that due to their financial condition finding true love is difficult for them, in a situation where people are just after their money. These type of people often get disappointed too many times and finally decide to remain single and just have fun.

Other Reasons Why People Choose to Remain Single

Amongst many reasons, some other reasons why people choose to remain single includes the following;
• To maintain good mental health
• Some people are just unlucky in finding suitable partners
• Some people just have some religious dedication that may not allow them to go into a relationship
• Some people have wrong perceptions of marriage
• Bad orientation about relationship.


There is no shame in remaining single, as long as you are happy being single and as long as you haven’t find a true and genuine love, but peradventure you are able to find a true and genuine love, perhaps someone that makes you happy or could make you happy for the rest of your life. It’s not a bad thing to give relationship a chance, evaluate and re-evaluate yourself and your reasons for being single. Don’t be afraid to try or make changes.

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